Can a fan be installed to any convector?

Convectors have become popular heaters. Have you bought one  too, is its poor performance or noise bothering you? You are probably starting to wonder if you can install an Elsymco fan to your current convector.

Our fans are designed for both convectors with inefficient forced convection and convectors without a fan, which can be easily integrated. You can choose from a range of models, ranging in size, connection, power and engine’s speed control. That’s why  our fans can be fitted onto any convector.

If you are thinking about replacing your current fan or would like to install our fan into your convector, please contact us! We will personally discuss suitability of your installation.

Improve the performance of your convector

If you supplement a power Elsymco fan to your convector without forced convection, it will add up to 500% of  heat output. And how does it work with convectors that have inefficient fans? In this case our fan will increase the heat output between  50% to 200%. You will also be pleased with its low power consumption, which is even lower than a Tv in a standby mode

Increase your convector’s performance.

Convectors are new heating systems, which today are often used in a variety of interiors. If your convector isn’t managing to heat the whole room, we have a solution for you. Our fans for convectors can immediately resolve your problem and ensure optimal performance of your heating system.

Does our fan for a convector make a lot of noise?

Elsymco fans for convectors are a revolutionary invention, which improves convector’s performance and reduces its noise. If you can’t hear any sound, it doesn’t mean that the fan is turned off. Each Elsymco fan is operated by very quiet and powerful engine that doesn’t bother you with sound even at its highest speed. We represent quiet fans with the declared noise level of just 22 dB at the lowest speed and 38 dB at the maximum power.

Noise is not a problem anymore

Convectors are increasingly used both in public buildings and private houses. Therefore, one of the most important requirements they should have is a complete reduction of noise as to not disturb the peace of your home.

How does an activator for a radiator work?

Do you suffer from a poorly functioning heating system? Do you want to save on heating and optimize your heating system? Learn more about our activators!

Say goodbye to the cold air concentrated on the floor

Our activator absorbs cool air from the floor and blows it upwards. As a result it creates air circulation, eliminating the cold air on the floor and warm air at the ceiling allowing for even temperatures.

Significantly increases the efficiency of heating.

The performance of the radiator with an activator can increase anywhere between 50 to 200 percent! Your passive heater will transform into an active converter and warming up time reduces by 2 – 3 times. Better thermal comfort is not the only benefit activators offer. By adding a filter, you can get an air purifier with a capacity of up to 3 cubic meters per minute / 1 meter of activator’s length. During the hot summer days it can replace a standard fan.

Are the structural adjustments needed for activator’s installation?

Activators, which are suitable for all radiant heat sources are efficient, quiet and economical. Their actual installation do not require any structural modifications. The installation of our activator is stress free and easy. You don’t need to pay for an expensive tech service –  anybody can install it.

Easy assembly of activators

Before purchasing an activator some clients are interested in the complexity of its installation and the need for any structural alterations.

This Easy assembly can be managed by anyone!

After ordering our activator, you get everything you need to install it. The package contains a power switch along with a thermal switch.
Our team of highly experienced technicians is willing to help you in case of a specifically complex assembly.