Energy saving

By saving energy you save money!

Elsymco fans are quiet, economical and structural adjustments are not needed. Think about your future. Invest now and save later! Most of us are still overpaying thousands of crowns for heating. Home heating often costs a pretty penny just because of a poorly designed heating system. The heating system heats the air, which then rises. Cool air is concentrated on the floor, while hot air rises to the ceiling and warms it up. Heated room without air movement forms thermal layers.

Activator for radiators

Activator ensures rapid and efficient heating of the room by providing forced air circulation. Our activator absorbs cool air from the floor and blows it upwards through the heater creating better circulation. Thermal layers naturally mix up together and the warm up time reduces 2 to 3 times in comparison with passive heating. The average increase of the plate radiator’s performance is 50-100%. The amount of savings depends on the heating bill, your personal habits and thermal bridges in your house, but reaches 600-2000 CZK per room approximately annually.

Fans for convectors

A fan for convectors provides intelligent air circulation and a temperature balance throughout the room. Fans can add up to 500% of heat output as opposed to a convector without a fan. They also ensure performance improvements of 50-200% to convectors with inefficient fans. All of which will consume less energy than a turned off TV.